How to do an SEO Audit 

seo audit 2019

This will be a walk through an SEO audit step by step

through a tutorial on how to do an SEO audit it's gonna be step-by-step so you

can do an SEO audit of your website just to kick things off as you can see here

this would be my fast and easy SEO audit that I have used in the past my fast

audit I have a much more in-depth website audit that I do nowadays but this would be my

faster audit but do not be confused there is nearly a hundred steps to this

audit but this would be the bargain audit or bargain SEO audit that I used

to do on people's websites on Fiverr and I had 200 happy clients you can see some

of my reviews at a hundred and twenty dollars a piece as time went on I raised

my price but majority was for a hundred and twenty dollars so there is value

in this and let's move on to the next slide so tools we're just gonna dive

right into it tools used for the SEO audits I mean there is a plethora of

tools that you can use okay but some of the t​​​​ools that I have became accustomed

to and I'm sure you've heard of would be GT metrics at least for this SEO audit

so we have GT metrics we have Pingdom for checking backlinks and things of

that nature there's Moz , Majestic SEO Tool or a Ahrefs and then you can use the free

version of the screaming frog SEO spider and I am most certainly guilty

when I first started out even now I use group buy tools okay so if you're on a

budget you're just starting out group buy tools are most certainly an option

but that's really going to be up to you okay so we're on the same page here

okay Before we jump Before we jump in and dive in this audit is for someone

with at least basic knowledge okay if you're a beginner in SEO I'm sure you at

least have basic knowledge however if there is a slide that you need help with

leave a comment below and I'll be happy to help you out I answer all messages I

have I have no problem helping anyone out at all that's what I'm here to do

and remember if there is a question Google is your friend okay.

so if there's a slide with the topic that you're not sure of google it check

it out I'm sure somebody will answer your question but this is for beginners

this is a basic tutorial it is about a hundred step process so know as we go

through this audit usually I would be taking notes as I go so when I would

perform my audits I had a Excel spreadsheet where I would make my notes

and I would make checks and that is when you're going through or if you were to

copy this on it or whatever the case may be as you're performing your audit

you're taking notes this may be common sense but I just wanted to go ahead and

mention that so  grab a beverage and let's

get into it this will be a relatively long SEO tutorial this is my SEO audit

for 2019 how to perform an SEO audit on a website in 2019 grab your drink and

let's go to number one

check your site to be sure everything makes sense or check your client site

make sure when you're reading through does it make sense

does everything make sense is it easy to understand okay note that

nowadays I do a much deeper SEO analysis than I used to when I had this so there

are a few things I can't give you my complete audit obviously because I

charge I charge for that however this is the basic website audit that you can use all

right so I just want to let you know that they're not in any particular order

but if you won't have basic SEO understanding you're going to see an

audit process okay so you want to make sure everything is

easy to understand all right that's self-explanatory so let's move on.

Links and buttons are easily clickable when you're when you're

navigating through the website whether it be on tablet or mobile are the hyper-links

and buttons are they easily clickable can you see them can you click on them

is everything coherent .

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Small search engine optimization break from SEO website audit !

Does the site that you're auditing does it use

too many pop-ups are they spammy are they aggressive is there anything that's

affecting the flow of the pages okay this is very important throughout your

SEO audit if there is any type of aggressiveness or too many pop-ups or

anything of that nature it's a demotion it needs to be addressed okay anything

that affects the flow it needs to be addressed immediately and it's

definitely an 2019 SEO audit item. So is the website design this is number four is

the website design clean and is there a zero distraction meaning when you're

looking at the design okay it has a title it has a goal it has

an objective of the website right so is it clean is it distraction free is that

are not pop-ups I mean is it a clean design okay you may want to write down

and make some recommendations for your client or for your own website.

Let's move on to Audit number five. So the website footer navigation is it easy to

navigate does it have good flow the flow of the website is very very important

your site usability the website navigation is certainly an important element that

needs to be SEO audited for your SEO campaigns all right moving on to number

six clean URL structures, URL structures that are optimized so your site URL

your URL structures okay is everything too hard to get to? is it buried ? is

there are too many sub-folders too many categories are the titles and the URLs

optimized no other than the title tag the keyword in the URL is most certainly

a ranking factor and your URL structures should be optimized let's move on to audit

number seven so too many advertisements that really goes along with the pop-ups

and things of that nature too many advertisements getting in the

mess in the way of the message of the website this is most certainly an item

that needs to make it into your audit too many advertisements pop-ups anything

of that nature needs to be addressed let's move on to SEO audit number eight

item so call to action or CTA is it easy to understand this goes with the overall

theme of the page is your call to action is it up top is it forward-facing is it

easy to understand whatever the objective of the website

is the call-to-action easy to understand is it easy for you to understand if it's

easy for you then I'm sure it's easy for an end-user let's go to number nine now

so your font size now this is easily debatable okay however in general your

fonts want to be 16 px is considered to be A plus that's going to be your

average that's a normal good size but that is really irrelevant is the font

size easy to read at the end of the day that is really what matters here and

that's why it has made it to my SEO audit 2019 list for number 9 alright so number 10

is the overall website architecture is the architecture effective related to

the goal of the site okay and then let's move on to number 11 so number 11 is

your navigation or the clients navigation on their website navigation

is very very important when someone comes to your website obviously and of

course it may not be obvious but of course they need to be able to navigate

from page to page very simply and easily and think of it as a spider if a spider

were to come to your site can it just flow through the architecture of your

pages simply easily finding everything let's move on to audit number 12 so this

is pretty quick if you're using WordPress or anything of that nature

you know this is quite easily easy to install and something that you can take

care of breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs is that real nice when you're looking at the

search results it just it just looks really really beautiful

I don't know it in any case so breadcrumbs you want to make sure that

breadcrumbs is installed on your website. moving on to SEO audit number 13

So you want to go

ahead and check is no Index being used and is no index that tag is that being

used properly so no Index being properly utilized

would simply be maybe on the tag pages the category pages and etc like I put

right here let's move on so Audit procedure fourteen you're gonna want to go

ahead and check the robots.txt file what's being blocked if anything and

make sure nothing is being blocked by robots.txt that should not be a lot of

the times some of the times with SEO clients I have noticed in the past that when

they're building out their sites they would put a block in the .htaccess in the .htaccess

and a lot of the times they'll forget that it's there so just go over

the website make sure nothing's being blocked it shouldn't be being blocked

and quite frankly I don't see a necessity for a robots.txt but generally

it is a best practice depending on your site and your goals so an

SSL certificate make sure that it is installed especially nowadays a secure

website a lot of people and web browsers will not even let you advance to the

site without throwing a warning so an SSL certificate is certainly important

so you're going want to make sure that that is installed 16 your canonical

errors so say any there should be your lead canal

the canonical okay everything should be referring back to

the main page it if there is numerous pieces of the same content right you

should be pointing it back to the canonical page

okay saying this is the P school this is what I want you to show right so you

really just want to make sure that there are no canonical errors that's just one

canonical error I was just giving a quick example for number 16 but let's

move on to SEO audit number 17 so any redirect chains are there any

double-check make sure if there's any redirect chains follow them see what's

going on make sure they're set up properly and let's move on to number 18

images missing alt text it is most certainly it it is most certainly a best

practice to contain a keyword with within your images okay maybe not each

and every one but they should really describe the image and that image should

not be on a page unless it makes sense for the web page so it should generally

contain a keyword of some sort now a keyword doesn't have to be an exact

match but it could be it could be LSI keywords it could it could be any form of a keyword

so that's SEO audit number 18 that is going to wrap that up so an image file check all

right this is most certainly an audit item checking image files making sure

that they are up to date have they been compressed and are they

smaller than a hundred kilobytes is each and every photo because photos are most

certainly something that slow down your webpages so you want to

make sure that the formats that there are in or in the newer formats and they

are in a smaller size and let's move on number 20 so for our SEO audit number 20

checking for 302 redirect so a 302 redirect is a temporary redirect a 307

is also a temporary redirect I even wrote that these are temporary redirect

so 302s 307 you just want to do a check for that

see what's going on there and let's move on are there any 301 perhaps maybe an

HTTP to HTTPS that's just an example are there any 301 redirects that you

could go ahead and clean up if you can take care of that it's part of the audit

SEO audit number 22 for your SEO campaigns are are all pages responding

properly so this is where your tools like the screaming frog SEO spider would

most certainly come into use just double-check make sure everything is

responding proper it's definitely an audit item SEO audit number 23 so was

there a prior non secure HTTP website if so is it being 301 to an HTTPS okay so 301 is

the protocol that is a permanent redirect and that is what is recommended

by Google so that's what you want to make sure we're gonna need a quick pop

SEO audit 2019 Website SEO audit break

let's move on alright checking for broken links you would want to go ahead

and do a scan of all pages generally though when you're doing it on it you

might only be looking at one page especially at the lower denomination

tier you're really might just be auditing a particular page it really

depends on the client and the services that you provide or maybe you're just

looking at your website if you're only looking at your website check for broken links .

Broken links going anywhere that is a SEO audit item that needs to

be addressed and we are moving on into SEO audit number 25 so missing meta

keywords keywords in your meta descriptions just go ahead and double

check each page each meta is everything matching up and move on title pages

cannibalization things of that nature are there any duplicate page titles this

is a simple scan that can be done with the tool you're just checking for page

titles make sure there's no duplication SEO audit number 27 any titles over 64

characters III give you just one extra just try to

keep it within there under 65 I believe just double check it's certainly a best

practice and plus it can't read it could read farther however you can only see

the 65 characters within the sir so keep that in mind when moving on to

28 so checking for 404 errors you don't want anything in search console or

anything anywhere for 404 okay so 404 errors need to be

addressed okay 500 level errors certainly need to be addressed but uh

moving on to 29 so taking a look at the pages quality so the pages quality such

as it could be the content word count are there any pages that have less than

600 words you know low-quality content no pictures I mean you're really just

remember we're doing an SEO audit so for the client for yourself you're auditing

your website and the pages within it is there anything that's low-quality that's

something that needs to be addressed immediately so SEO audit number thirty.

So is there or are there any keyword cannibalization and and we kind of

touched on this already check pages and posts for the same

keyword targeting over and over and over I wrote in the slide checking pages targeting the

same keyword cannibalization it is called it's a pretty much no-brainer I

mean it's absolutely something that you want to address within your SEO audit so

you want to take a look check all of the pages the page titles you your posts

post titles to for if you're new to SEO you don't want anything duplicate the same

thing if you can you may want to take it if you're targeting the same title or

the same keyword but the content is a little different if you can merge that

in some way that is generally a best practice in 2019. Okay especially with a

larger word count because there's other words within that huge body of content

that you could start ranking for so you want one beautiful centralized

piece of content I did another video on that you can check that out why longtail

keywords are no good I forgot what I called it let's move on to 31 though

let's stay on point sorry so duplicate or missing meta

descriptions I believe I wrote that one out already so good I wrote it twice

meta description less than 65 characters oh this is meta description so obviously

you want to take care of your meta descriptions make sure they're keyword

rich not too much though don't go overboard keywords can always mean not

only exact match but you have your partials and your LSI keywords as well.

Okay so SEO audit item number 32 checking for malware this is obviously an SEO

best practice you can check within your Google search console make sure they have a

wonderful feature within their a simple click of the button and there's also

other SEO tools that you can utilize so this is most certainly going to make the list

for your SEO audit 2019 but let's take a look at slide number 33 now I should

have put these together SSL installed SSL enabled so if you're using WordPress

I believe there is a plug-in it's called SSL encrypt and then there's an SSL and

crypto it makes it very very simple on WordPress okay so these two things

installing and enabling or two and very important ranking factors in 2019 and that is

why they have made the SEO audit list let's move on 34 so depreciated HTML

code so depreciated HTML code and long story short it is

using old code. Okay you want to be up-to-date if you're using WordPress you

really don't have to worry about this or any other type of platform so just make

sure when you run it through your tool it's a it's very simple to spot nine

times nine point five times out of ten you're not gonna run into this but you

will get some clients where you will need to do some updates but this is a

prime time a perfect time for you to offer some other services let's move on

to 35 so w3c compliant so the world wide web consortium I'm sure you've heard of

it if you have not go ahead and do a quick Google search they are pretty much the

police the government of the web pretty much are hey I mean there's Google, Google's

pretty strong but they have to answer to these guys. So is the website code compliant

to sum it all up you want to make sure that all the website code and everything is

compliant with the W3C again not a huge problem generally but just make sure go

over the Google guidelines and I believe you can even submit your site so let's move

on to 36 I wrote it I don't know why so 37 using structured data I mean this is

certainly a given now of especially with plugins that can be used using

structured data within your website you know your organizational all of your

schema you want to take care of it so you want to make sure that the page is

using structured data if it is not make a note on your checklist or your excel

file for your client for this particular SEO checklist this tutorial make note

of it if they're not using it it needs to be implemented

and if they are using it. SEO Audit number 38 covers that so are there any structured

data errors run your tools take a look and that should take care of any errors

if they're already you need to fix them as we move on to SEO audit number 39 your website sitemap

submitted to Google search console so your XML sitemap that is for the search

engines to read your HTML sitemap is for humans to read and at the end of the day

when you upload your XML it needs to be uploaded to both Bing and also Google ok

now your HTML sitemap is optional but it's a best practice ok and if you can

submit a HTML sitemap and help an end-user find what they need and keep them on

your site just for a moment longer then it was worth it and it should certainly

be implemented and that's why it has made number 39 on my SEO audit

submit and set it up and set it up in search console so there's actually two

points there before I click off because I was just reading (the slide)

so not only are used to sitemap submitted to search console but it

should have been its own slide is search console setup even okay

shouldn't that should be first and then submit the sitemap so there we go I'm

glad I took a look there. SEO audit number 40 I just went over this Bing Webmaster tool

submission Bing Webmaster Tools is set up proper I just covered this webmaster

tools from bing is just like search console I actually recently just did a

test on three sites and I have some I have a great little tip about

Bing Webmaster Tools that I will share with you but not today.

So using rich cards rich cards is just like your Rich Snippets

but just a little bit better so is the site using rich cards you're gonna want

to go ahead and take a look if not it needs to be implemented let's move on to

SEO audit number 42 is there a sitemap these are mixed up so is there a sitemap?

So your sitemap like I mentioned is so there should be two types HTML and XML your

sitemap XML is for search engines your HTML sitemap that is for humans quick

little SEO audit 2019 break give me one second

( Website SEO Audit break )

( SEO Tips break ). Hope your enjoying this SEO Audit tutorial!

( Hope this SEO tutorial 2019 is helping you)

SEO Audit tutorial starting :)

Alright SEO audit number 43

is there a robots.txt file moving along with the other things you're trying to

protect your crawl budget okay each site has its own crawl budget so blocking

things that or bad bots I mean there are numerous things that could be blocked.

So anything that needs to be blocked is contained within that

robots.txt file is there one it needs to make it on your SEO audit list.

So number 44 by now I am a hundred percent sure

that you have heard of the mobile first index

it is an absolute must you want a responsive website design your

website needs to be mobile friendly okay no more .M sites or any of that malarkey

okay mobile-friendly is an absolute must in 2019 moving into 2020 and beyond. Okay

so let's move on to SEO audit number 45 item and is your site using or is your

client site or website using iframes now iframes aren't that okay but it needs to

be noted because there are certain precautions certain things that you can

do to speed those up and help those out

more SEO 2019

moving on up I have a lot of great content that I'm gonna release so it

just it just makes me think about the Iframe so let's move to 46 is is your

website or is your clients website using flash if it's an absolute must

maybe you have I don't know a picture editor or anything of that nature some

type of tool that uses it an animation I'm not really a hundred percent sure

what would be they use here but that is where I have seen flash but as a general

good practice you do not want to use flash on your pages if they are note it

and see if you can eliminate. SEO audit Number

forty seven is Google Analytics is Google Analytics installed Google

analytic, analytics is for tracking it's a very important tool for tracking you

can set a goals you can see organic traffic and there is literally lists of

things that you can track and analyze you do not want to go overboard with

tracking but Google Analytics should be installed number 48 for this SEO audit

is security issues security is an absolute very important aspect of your

SEO audit 2019 if you're on WordPress perhaps maybe are

you limiting the times that someone can try to log in are you hiding the login

page I'm not saying these are musts I'm just giving you some examples let's just

move on to number 49 okay. So your sitemap I should have put these together

in different areas I'm sorry so are there any sitemap issues . I mean

that's like I mentioned before there's two types of sitemaps HTML sitemaps and

XML sitemaps if the sitemap is giving any errors maybe within

Bing maybe within Google's search console so if you run your Screaming Frog SEO Spider

campaign if it's giving any type of error you want to fix it and address it

immediately for your SEO audit not you personally but pass it on to the webmaster

if you're the webmaster you need to address it. Well let's move on to number

50 does the robots.txt , does the robots throw any errors OK like I mentioned

the robots.txt file is blocking the Googlebot bad BOTS anybod certain BOTS

from particular pages. So if that's throwing errors or there's an issue it

is not performing properly if something is not performing properly in my opinion

it could be considered a demotion maybe not just the robots.txt but anything

every implement of a website in my opinion needs to be at a hundred percent

everything every single aspect you can't have but anything right it needs to be

perfect. You're not going to show up on page one

ever unless you are 100 percent perfect on everything ok. Let's move on to SEO audit item 51

so checking your crawl rate this is done with tools I won't keep mentioning the

tools I'm sorry checking your crawl rate so is the crawl

rate slow is anything odd or at a place or maybe there's crawl errors all right

so checking your crawl is something that needs to be audited for your SEO audit

checking your website for this is very very important there's numerous tools

out there that you can use to check the crawl but that made number 51 let's move

on to item number 52 has the website in the past at all ever had a manual action

this needs to be noted ok manual actions happen for numerous things you have

algorithm actions that happened to the website and then you have manual actions

algorithm penalty is just is pretty much don't even worry about it

but a manual action means that is an actual person right has taken their time

to analyze your website and come up with a reason they will tell you

why right. They'll even give you examples sometimes maybe spammy links maybe

duplicate content it could be anything right

generally link spam unnatural links is what it is things of that nature need to

be marked so if there was a manual action you want to look at what that

used to be and go back and make sure that the current user or yourself is not

performing those actions because if you had a reconsideration one or two okay

but when you get to three four you might have to switch names just saying moving

on then 53 let's keep this on topic I'm sorry it's a longer video I'm very sorry

if you want to take an intermission maybe take a SEO break I do have a few

more SEO audit slides here okay. So that is up to you so number 53 is

anything blocked by robots.txt or are there any blocked resources at all

is there something implemented that shouldn't be blocked double check it

make sure and that's the same goes with the no index tab some things might have

the no index tag just just make sure if a client has given you the site every

piece needs to be checked because sometimes they could be up early morning

drinking coffees and messing with stuff and everything goes haywire and then

they just hand you a project this this happens a lot break it down

systematically each little piece okay that and that's what I'm doing for you

this is the walkthrough this is the tutorial every little thing every little

detail let's move on to 54 so how is the mobile functionality how is the mobile

function right that's the SEO audit number 54 item how

is the mobile function generally on you there are browsers you can search just

scroll through take a look even maybe just pop open your phone right if you

don't have BlueStacks I mean there's numerous things you can do but take a

look at the functionality is it flowing is everything sitting on the page

correctly is the aspect race ratio right is the font right how's the function

right take a look at that take a look there are also tools that will give you

an answer but personally I generally just like to take a quick scan. Ok any

inline styles so inline styles it used to be and it is debated ok I have

talked to people numerous times they will debate me they will debate right

about inline styles okay so let's just cover that number 55 is inline Styles an

issue No it is not for Google however when you have an inline style it

should have its own style sheet. Okay so let's just move on to audit number 56 you

may and and you might get mixed responses about that particular topic

but the answer the truth the right answer is it should have its own style

sheet okay smooth uh 56 so checking the server

response time uh you can do this with tools okay if you're not working with

someone that is you know quick and there is GT metrics Kingdom might even give

you an answer I like GT Metrics personally checking your server response

time is it slower than a half a second it's you should be even faster but if

it's slower than that then there's an issue okay let's go ahead and move

forward to the SEO audit number 57 so if you're on WordPress primarily I use

WordPress almost 95% of the clients that I have had and and I've done this and

performed numerous services on Fiverr and up work and now I have a steady flow

of clients but most of the time the people that I interact with are on

wordpress okay so implementing these things has become very very simple if I

did have an issue I would just go to someone if they don't have a WordPress

website I'm lucky enough to have other very very intelligent friends that are

way more intelligent than I am. So I have someone to consult with however you

have to make sure and you can use tools again like I mentioned CSS minification

javascript minification is is everything minimized is everything as tight and as

fast and as small as it could be okay I gave a small recommendation here it's

not a plug work for them or anything like that but WordPress I like WP rocket

ok that's just what I like so let's move on to 58 compressing images I didn't

write it on the last slide but here it is so compressing your images as you

know hundred kilobytes I believe you wanted to be that size or smaller or

using your next-gen I think is what the PageSpeed insights tool tells you is

next-gen formats right. So you want to compress all of your images check for

optimal compression just make sure everything is tight and right that is

what you need to make sure of. Okay so that was SEO audit number 58 item let's

go to 59 when you're going through using maybe tools has there has there been or

is there any Java Script errors checking for JavaScript errors is a absolute must

that's why it has made the list so number 60

are there any pages on your website or your clients site that are larger than

three megabytes are there anything are they bigger you want a non bloated

website you want your site to be fast okay

speed is crucial alright I was looking for a really endearing term ah

speed is so important guys so important so anything that you can do to gain a

quarter of a millisecond is worth your time and your effort okay to move on

to SEO audit number 61 excuse me one moment,

I'm sorry need a little bit of water there so number 61 okay one second all

right, so number 61 on the SEO checklist is

check page script load time okay I just went over this so a bloated page is a

bad page okay any page script that's lower than eight point five seconds

milliseconds it's like I mentioned any page any script anything that is slow it

needs to be addressed and fixed immediately

okay so each one of these things like like I mentioned it's okay check page

script how do I do that go to google google it okay this guide would be years

long if I went over each and every detail okay each and every detail I'm

giving you the pieces you need to perform your audit okay and then

checking page speed insights what's the ideal website speed right each piece is here let's go

to SEO audit 62 so full paint slower than 5.5 seconds full paint is let's just take

for instance GT metrics will give you each piece or a PageSpeed insights it'll

show you the website okay here is that this many seconds this here is at this

second this second this second if you do not have a full paint faster than five

point five seconds it needs to be addressed that's why I made into this

SEO audit okay number 63 server responds is it slower than 0.8 seconds your

server response needs to be snappy okay that all ties into speed it's so

important there's so many aspects that need to be checked

to get the speed right okay let's move on to 64 excuse me all buttons easy to

click through on mobile all funds perfect for desktop tablet mobile is

everything easy to see can it be clicked and are all the ponte ponts are all the

fonts looking proper okay um check it on each piece if you have a responsive page

just take a look make sure everything looks proper make sure it looks right on

the website that's why it has made it to number 64. And moving on now we're

getting down to you may need some tools okay

like I mentioned there are group by options out there all right there are a

few that I use um there is a partner that I work with but this isn't it for

this channel is not for that kind of stuff alright but there are some really

good group buys out there that you can use to get the tools that you need okay.

So audit number 65 is check for high links from any particular website is there a

high amount of backlinks coming in or even a high amount of going out this needs to

be checked and that's why it's on my SEO audit checklist here is number 66 so when

you do a branded search alright for your particular are the top 10 searches

branded okay so is your name are you showing up in search really is what I

should've wrote is it coming up branded this is very important it needs to be

checked it needs to be audited it's a part of the overall audit right.

So are the top ten searches branded

number 67 for this SEO on it is any negative reputation so how you perform

this search is generally a manual I would put in strings such as bad reviews

different words that refer to negativity regarding your brand reputation

management is a service within itself okay it's something that needs to be

addressed perception of a brand is very important with within the online

community okay that's all I'll touch on okay so negative reputation or is there

any can you find any even ten pages deep it's irrelevant look if there is an

issue fix it okay let's move on

so number 68 for this SEO audit is your Oracle organic CTR so CTR is your

click-through rate you want to take a look because generally and why it's on

my list here is generally after an audit you perform tasks okay or tasks right in

a general secession month month by month or in my case six months right we have a

six month plan a four month plan this is our plan to reach a specific goal so

tracking this is considered a KPI a key performance indicator your organic CTR

okay it needs to be tracked it needs to be looked at and noted for your SEO on

it so number 69 are there any index pages that should

not be right tag pages category pages pages of that nature duplicate pages so

you want to do a double check use your tools screaming frog generally a manual

check if you don't have tools to utilize you want to make sure that pages that

should not be indexed are either blocked or completely removed okay number 70 now

this is more of an external SEO but I added it to the checklist okay I added

it to this tutorial to this SEO audit because it's important when you're

searching for your brand name your name your company your product are you on the

first page for your own name okay this needs to be noted if it's not then you

have some work to do you need to be showing up at least in the first two or

three okay for your name branded search okay very important that's why it's like

a list 71 just taking a look and noting for your audit like I mentioned a lot of

these things are here because generally you're gonna have to start working right

you're performing an audit to indicate problems within the website that's

holding them back from earning the rankings that they deserve right so how

many total pages do they have indexed right this needs to be noted it's in the

audit let's move on now there are some tools like I mentioned in GT metrics and

Pingdom you can go ahead I threw these in here I

I personally generally only use GT metrics but I threw them both in because

hey getting more opinions than one is always great so that's why it's here

check the Pingdom grade is it relevant as a ranking factor no but it's

generally a good Decatur okay so Pingdom grade should be

90 plus does the site have a full paint faster than four seconds now I mentioned

that before and I'm sure some of this was from my old audit and and I've

combined them uh hey faster I wrote five point five before but you want it to be

faster than five really around four seconds okay three would be ideal or two

instant faster is always better okay let's move on to SEO audit number 74 so

is the site mobile-friendly and responsive on each and every device

self-explanatory is it mobile-friendly and is it

responsive on all devices so PageSpeed PageSpeed insights to Google tool you

could search it Google PageSpeed is the score 90 plus so you want to go ahead

and take a look and we'll also give recommendations some of the

recommendations maybe you cannot do yourself

um but anytime you could get your page to load move download whatever it's

doing faster is always better but keep this in mind it is not that a faster

page gets a boosting of rank but a slow page will get a demotion okay

I'll say it again fast pages do not get a boost but slow pages get into motion

okay let's move on to 76 so a lot a lot of clients right especially when I was

doing this in 2017 had ecommerce pages okay that's why it's in here if there

are ecommerce check all of their tracking make sure it's set up

and it's tracking correctly this may not be important for you but if you if your

client has an e-commerce website or if you have an e-commerce platform product

you want to make sure your tracking is set up and it's set up correctly

tracking is very important to help find future problems so let's move on to 77

so SEO audit number 77 is check for copied content so that's gonna be

internally okay and also externally just a moment

now you want to take note and notify the owner okay but internal copied take note

external take note but do not take it upon yourself to go and point out if

somebody is copying it that's a personal opinion that's what I wrote that's

really up to you let's go to 78 but always notify the owner okay

duplicate content across numerous pages as you know maybe if there is duplicate

content or a piece of duplicate content you should really be trying to avoid it

but sometimes you cannot so you want to check it over put it on your list on

your checklist it made it to the SEO audit because it needs to be noted and

then you need to see what needs to be fixed okay if there's any duplicate

content we want to remove it or fix it or make it unique if we can okay alright

now again this brings us back to the tools checking the total amount of

backlinks okay now the amount of backlinks maybe isn't

as important and I wrote it most important is referring domains how

many were domains are linking to the target page okay individual one link

from one source one time is counted "1" right

so you you want to take note of this and mark it that's why it made it into this

SEO audit I mean I don't know what else total amount of backlinks from referring

domains it needs to be noted it's an important factor ok number 80 total

amount of organic keywords how many organic keywords are you ranking for

again this all ties in to generally when you're performing your audit you will

then have to perform work or maybe you will set up an SEO plan or something on

a monthly basis or a yearly basis or a goal basis so you want to see how many

organic keywords are they ranking for currently or how many organic keywords

are you ranking for it currently take it note of this let's move on so outbound

links alright this really ties into page quality you

want to check for broken outbound links from the target page or the website

whatever you're auditing outbound links it all ties in the quality okay so if

there's any outbound links that are not working properly it needs to be fixed

and addressed immediately okay so SEO audit item number 82 is

finding spammy links in the link profile now if this is your website nine times

out of 10 I'm sure you know where these links came from okay now if you're

working on a client's website you note it but you never did

now don't disavow their links don't disavow your spammy links let's say for

instance right you are using a PBM a private blog network but really a public

blog network because you bought links right from somewhere and as you're going

through or maybe you outsource your SEO services and you see links that are in

there then maybe our high authority right but they seem spammy they're not

right do not disavow these links do yourself a favor okay let's move on to

number 83 actually let me go back and touch on that because I want to make a

quick point you only disavow if there's a manual action ok so don't go out of

your way all right two out the links or

you don't want to bring unnecessary attention to the website okay so that's

all I have to say about that all right so number 83 all right number

83 on this SEO audit list is checking the anchor text profile is there a

beautiful harmonious natural anchor text profile if there's too many exacts if

you're built if your link building unnaturally then and you you know you

should be on the up-and-up with your client all right if you're working if

you're doing client work you need to be a hundred percent with whoever you're

working with okay always at all times okay take it from my personal experience

okay if they're building links or you're building links for them you need to make

sure that there's a good balance branded naked make sure the exact matches

everything is in perfect balance now if you know a hundred percent that you're

building links or acquiring links on a more natural basis then maybe this

shouldn't be too much of a priority but it needs to be noted and taken care of

if there is an issue let's go ahead and move on to audit number 84 84 is

checking the bounce rate so you want to go ahead and check the bounce rate it

would really be if you're seeing a bounce rate of over eighty percent then

I would try to fix this immediately maybe change the way the metas are or

change the content something is in matching up there's a problem somewhere

and that's why it made this SEO audit list okay so checking your session time

you want to keep them on the page dwell time is most certainly an indirect

ranking factor okay you want to keep people on the website as long as

possible so anything you

can do take note of the average session time okay

meant certain things that you know as an SEO specialist talk to the the owner of

the website or if it's your website anything you can do to increase session

time should most certainly be taken care of okay okay all right moving on to SEO

audit number 86 item and that is return visitor percentage always the before and

after it makes it into this audit because you want to know what your

return visitor count is before you started making changes and fixing things

and helping your client or your own website and then generally within 60

days 60 days later when you do another audit or 90 days later when you do

another audit you want to make sure that all the levels have increased okay

number 87 setting up goal tracking that is within Google Analytics you want to

set up your goals because remember all the information that you're feeding

Google never get it confused it's taking in all the information so you want to

set up all of your goals set up your tracking make sure everything is working

properly okay GT metrics I've spoke on this before it's SEO audit item number

88 so your GT metrics should show faster than four seconds on the faster and I've

touched on this numerous times the faster the better now that you will hit

a point that you've done everything I mean you're up on a great server you

have a great company I mean you've implemented everything you

possibly 10 at a certain point it starts becoming too expensive to get any faster

and generally you can get down to four or three seconds so that's where you're

gonna want to be and that's gonna wrap up this SEO audit 2019 video this is how

you perform an SEO audit a fast SEO website audit on a website I hope you enjoyed

the SEO tutorial I hope that you found value in this and I hope that you subscribe

and I cannot wait to see you in the next SEO video have a great one and have a

great time performing your SEO audits in 2019 have a great day

How to do an SEO audit SEO tutorial for beginners 2019