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How to use Long Tail Keywords

In today's post I want to touch on a very important subject
something that is pretty popular within the community and that is long tail
keywords now to kick off what you need to do instead of chasing and using and
Utilizing long-tail keywords which to me is a very old and outdated
SEO technique or method or whatever you want to call it

There is something that you need to do instead but let's touch on exactly
what is a long tail keyword I went ahead and I brought this up a
long tail keyword or keywords are

Those three and four keyword phrases which are very very specific.

To whatever you are selling whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase they tend to be looking for

Exactly what they are going to buy now When you're thinking about it it seems like an absolutely wonderful approach or is it.
So when you really get into SEO and you start ranking pages you will come to realize that this really is not the way to go.

Long tail keywords Amazon

Dont use Long Tail Keyword finders.

What you should do instead is use mid-tier keywords and what I mean by a mid-tier keyword is if we take a look at
"best Laptops for beginners" That would be a long-tail keyword

Best laptops would be your head term and then best laptops beginners or

beginner would be your mid-tier

Now one way to go ahead and take a look at search volume

And things of that nature is a tool called Ubersuggest & Ubersuggest.IO is a Neil Patel tool. The tool is complementary but is it the best tool? I don't know however  it's what I'm using for this example so if we did a search for "best laptops" and you went ahead and you did a search what the tool do and what we're using it for is search volume

Okay so you will want to decide what is your top tier? What is your mid tier and then you can pretty much figure out what your long tail keywords are

What you're looking for instead of using a long tail keyword approach is you're looking for a mid tier keyword

and here's why but let's just go ahead and take a look. So to have your long tail keyword so long tail keywords to have that really work you need to actually create numerous pages.

So you'd have your long tail keyword about laptops here you'd create another page right and that would be here and

Then you'd have another page and another page and another page now if you are brand new to SEO the reason why this is
absolutely horrible is there was an core update a Google algorithm update that is called Hummingbird One of the things that Hummingbird did was it actually knows

and can realize and recognize and understand user intent so the long tail keyword approach is no longer it's no longer viable because
you have to create so many pages and when you're creating those pages and

You're targeting all of those different things It's actually

Demoting because you have the more pages you have the less PageRank or whatever you want to call it is
Actually going to the website
So what to do instead?
what to do instead is actually focus on like I mentioned a

Mid-tier keyword approach so you would find your mid-tier using a tool like this Neil Patel's

UbersuggestIO that is one tool just for this example not saying it's the best

You would find your middle tier and what you would then do so you would have a "middle tier
keyword "
right you would create your page around this middle tier and this page this
Is a page right?

This page here would be 5k or  Maybe more maybe a little bit less words around
Your middle tier keyword now

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Use short tail keywords

When you're focusing your efforts around a short tail keywords
It's not super hard like a top level right like a top level It's not hard a
Middle tier isn't super easy
It's right in the middle And then you have your long tail which is you know super easy right?
What's great about the middle tier is?
When you rank your page right with K words around this middle tier keyword
You will actually start bringing in the long tail keywords
So really what you need to be doing
Instead of chasing after and trying to target numerous pages with long tail keywords
What you need to do is create a centralized focus
larger page that goes way more in-depth
Maybe three thousand words five thousand words around a middle tier keyword and what that will do is start
Bringing in those long tail keywords and you will start ranking more you'll get more searches and you'll start showing up for more queries

Long tail keyword examples

So to wrap everything up, you have your top tier and you have your middle tier keywords right? 

And what about long tail keyword finders.
And then you have your long tails you need to focus on your middle tier keywords that don't have as much search volume as your top tier but way more search volume than your long tails
you will focus your page and your efforts around the middle tier and
what that will start doing is bringing in these long tails and over time
you will start showing up for more searches more queries
And of course you'll start earning more revenue or whatever your objective is
So that's gonna wrap up today's video for long-tail keywords and what you should really be focusing on
Instead you need to focus on your middle tier and then you'll start bringing in those long tail keywords over time.
I hope you found value in this post and I can't wait to see you in the next one.

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